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Concrete Crack Repairs Canada

Crack repair - concrete and asphaltCrack Repair

  • Floor

  • Walls

  • Parking Decks

  • Driveways

  • Patios

  • Slabs

  • Stairs

Concrete Cracks are repaired by first cleaning debris and loose concrete, from the crack and surrounding substrate until all compromised concrete has been removed.

Cleaned and prepped, the crack is now ready for engineered patch and fill compounds. The location and nature of the crack will dictate the flexibility and characteristics of the patch compound used.

In only 1 hour the patch has cured, we then grind the surface level and smooth using our dustless system and you're back in business.

For your convenience, we can even arrange to complete your project when your business is closed.


Commercial Property owners and occupiers have the duty to maintain the property including concrete floors, sidewalks, joints and slabs free of trip hazards. Commercial property laws

Read the Ontario Law Regarding Duty to maintain commercial properties

Concrete Crack Repair Canada - Commercial, Retail, industrial, residential

Crack King Repair Concrete Cracks in floors, walls, parking decks, driveways, and stairs in commercial, industrial and residential properties throughout Canada. Using a patented pressurized process, Crack King grind, fill and seal cracks with our dustless repair system using engineered fill and patch compounds, guaranteed to last.

Concrete Crack Repair Canada: Commercial concrete floors repaird in most major Canadian cities

Concrete Cracks Repaired

  • Commercial Warehouse Floors
    Trip Hazards, Frost Heaves, Water Cracks all fixed fast with minimal business interruption and no dust.

Repair cracked concrete warehouse floors

  • Parking Decks - Parking Lots - Driveways
    Asphalt paving and concrete repaired

cracked and damaged asphalt repair

  • Wall Cracks
    Seal cracks and holes in concrete walls, prevent ingress of water, and rodents into your building.

  • Commercial Sidewalk Cracks

concrete sidewalk crack repair

 We Have a Concrete Fix for Your Crack Problem ;-)
Concrete Crack Repair Estimates Canada - Commercial, Industrial, and Residential concrete crack repair to floors, walls

concrete crack repair contractors in Canada - bonded and insured

Commercial Industrial Residential Estimates

Concrete Crack Repair Canada

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